Serene surroundings of my birth place ‘Nainital’, a scenic hill resort in North India, has always been a source of inspiration to me . Strangely enough the beauty of Canada reminds me of my birth place a lot. Significantly the immenseness of the sky, the glory of the setting sun with its ever-changing colors and the unlimited wide expanse of the earth stills my nature within.
English: Nainital Hills, India
Nainital Hills, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The glimpses of the setting sun from my childhood nostalgically dissolve in the abundantly spread hues of the setting sun on the skyline of this beautiful country, Canada, to which I  now belong and this creates a new sunshine within. This sunshine melts in me and flows out in the form of verses. Distances fade; my past becomes one with my present. The rising sun of the East starts blending into the setting sun of the West. The directions merge into each other fading into the moments beyond.
My poems search for the universal duality, a relationship between the subject and the object, spirit and the matter, trying to find the totality in this influx of paradoxes, in an effort to unlock the mysteries of life. The eternal agony of human desire within longs in a ceaseless strive to capture the very essence of each and every fleeting moment. Reflections of  a passing feeling of being touched by the limitless remain for a while and then disappear into a stark silence of an unknown abstract reality.
I search for the elusive reality of human consciousness through the lines, splashes of colors and the impressions of brush strokes on my canvasses and at times through pen and paper in the form verses.

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