"When Meena Chopra gazes at sunsets from the window of her Mississauga home, she's transported back to her childhood in northern India. For the internationally acclaimed poet and artist, it's inspiration that has filled countless pages and canvases with colourful words and images".
-Toronto Star, Jim Wilkes Aug 09 2010

Hindi poet connects cultures - “I consider Meena not only a poet and an artist, but a bridge-builder,” said Navdeep Bains of Chopra, who came to Canada in 2004 from her native Nainital, in northern India.
“She does not recognize any borders – her experiences are universal,” agreed Suman K. Ghai, a longtime friend and co-founder of the Hindi Writers Guild. Ghai translated Chopra’s poems into English for her second collection, subah kaa suuraj ab mera nahii.n hai (Adieu to the Dawn), which was released on Sunday.
As well known in art circles for her painting as her poetry – she often combines the two – Chopra’s work focuses on the natural and abstractly emotional, showcasing a humanistic philosophy she also applies to her personal life.
-The Mississauga News,  J.P. Antonacci|Mar 01, 2010

"Chopra shines in art and poetry - Coming to Canada from her native India, artist and poet Meena Chopra’s search for meaning has taken her far beyond home and finding her new identity in Canada."

-The Mississauga News|Feb 28, 2010

“….Painting and poems go very well together. There is vitality in the forms, colours and the words chosen by Meena Chopra. Here is a charming feast of lyricism in paintings and poems.”
- Late Dr. L.M. Singhvi    ‘Ignited Lines’ in London U.K.  1996)

Meena Chopra will not have too many words getting in between the ignition of an idea and its consummation. It must be having to do with the fact that she also paints. Her poems have neat compactness of paintings; words become colours that fill up the canvas if-or when she is not using her brush. Ignited Lines, Meena’s first volume of verse,  is therefore not for the gallery;  rather,  it is a gallery. You can browse through it, but you will periodically pause, much like when confronted with a new painting that has succeeded in achieving the different, a range and depth of emotions far removed from the every day clich├ęs of existential dilemmas, not existence. She unveils shimmering facets of love, possession, mind and self with sensitivity. She is delicate but strong, gentle yet sharp, vulnerable yet proud. Self-actualization is more a matter of routine than effort; it is the moment beyond the ones of self knowledge that she wants to live up to, and become, not a mere rhapsody in search of life but a rhapsody in search of the deeper self. In this sense she is her own Sun, her own guiding star as is brightly revealed in the poem ‘Fire’.”
Gautam Siddharth           The Pioneer (Book reviews), Delhi, (India) 28.9.1996
“Accompanying the cluster of these lovely oil pastels worked out like ’two inches of ivory’ are her versus.   The words and the visuals support each other and the viewer is taken on to a  journey to the end of the clouds. Look at her art or read her poetry there is a feeling of scaling  heights, going to the mist of the mountains and scenting the fragrant pines.”
-Nirupama Dutt                Indian Express (India),  August 22 1999
Each one of the forty expressions picturise a lived reality, an experienced emotion, a missed heartbeat without being sentimental about it. Nothing comes as after thought or an overstatement. She is precise and matter of fact even in articulations …..
- Suresh Kohli                      The Hindu, Delhi, (India)1.12 1996

“These poems talk of ‘hidden fire/rising with/a smoky thread…..’ A seemingly ordinary enough statement, it might also mirror the extraordinary sensibility of a committed artist.
-Adrian Khare                            Blitz, Bombay, India 13.3 1993

“ one who is also an artist, a painter, provides perhaps an alternative and additional medium of self expression to a surcharged personality. It is the story of a soul that is caught in the throes of trying to unravel the mystery of the self in terms of subjective experience. “
- Dr. Shalini Sikka,   The Weekend Observer (Review) Delhi(India)  January 4 1997

“A characteristic of her style is that physical sensations beautifully blend with abstract thought – yearning for fulfillment is attended upon by consciousness of fragmentation.”
- Dr. Shalini Sikka                     The Quest, Ranchi  (India) 1996

“Ignited Lines, a collection of poems by Meena Chopra, expresses desire for ignition of the mind for illumination in a world of duality and paradoxes.”
- Dr. Shalini Sikka        The Journal Of The Poetry Society (India), 1996

Images have been made use of in abundance while expressing her feelings, thoughts and views .... The poems are short but very powerful and impressive indeed! Meena strikes with force to show her caliber of thinking which is on par with any Indian modern poet who is of great repute.
- M. Fakhruddin       Poets International, Banglore, (India) December 1996

“Meena Chopra’s poetry mirrors her acute sensibilities which, in turn, enmesh with her deft strokes on canvas.”
- S. Rajoo        The Times of India, Delhi, 23. 7. 1996

 “In paintings there is a poetic beauty and poems are strong in imagery and spontaneity. And both types of work are intense in movement”
- Deshbandhu Singh      Rashtriya Sahara, Delhi, (India) August 1996

“Her works are the rhythmic expression of the state of the subconscious. “Sparkling vacuum that glimmers and floats in the morning breeze….” Or    A chilly winter blossoming in spring…”                             
 - Soumik Mukhopadhyaya  -The Statesman,    Delhi, (India) 20th August 1999

The embryonic bond that she shares with nature forms the keynote of her work. My feet stick to the damp earth / Fearing devastation / My mouth is full of clay / Is it the smell of the soil that I eat?/ Swallowing every bit. Words freeze the impalpable fears finding their refuge in the womb of earth. And the pastels accompanying the words, capture the anonymous smell in a tensile cage that bears the colour of earth. The other elements of nature find beautiful expressions in her works.  Swirling flames of orange recalling to protecting warmth and destroying the fury of fire. Ice blue serenity of water…  And most of all, it is the interaction with her own self that gets portrayed in her works.”
- Critic                           First City, Delhi, (India) August 1999

Accompanying her paintings are her verses, and the two compliment each other. In Fact, they often seem to flow from and into each other, making one wonder which came first, the word or the image. The heightened passionate quality of her verses imbues the images with a strong emotional power
Manisha Vardhan                       The Pioneer, New Delhi(India) August 11 1999

One notices a rhythm of universal duality underlying her poetry as well as her paintings. The poems strong in imagery and spontaneity complement the paintings”
- Critic                            First City Magazine, January 1997

“What ever the reason, there is no doubt that this lady packs a lot of talent. To be a mistress of words and lines is no means a feat by any standards.”
 - Critic                        Financial Express(India)  July 21  1996

“What adds to her talent is the beautiful poetry she writes… Her verses at times influence her paintings and vice versa.”
- Akshaya Mukul        The Pioneer, Delhi, India, June 13, 1996

“Paintings and poems by Meena Chopra at the Jehangir Art Gallery, turned out to be a veritable feast to the eyes as one drifts from spasms of energy thrust into the portrait to the lovely exterior.
- Venkastesh Raghavan      Free Press Journal , Bombay, (India) 11th March 1993

“The book ‘Ignited Lines’ thus presents  a deep insight into the inner passages of delicate human emotions and inner meanings .... It is a beautiful example of simplicity and feeling embedded together, obviously by a very talented writer.. The poems, on the whole are charming pieces of more finished art which have surpassed the realms of literature because of embellishingly philosophizing of the subject”
- A.H. Naqawi         Day After , Delhi,  (India) 30th Sept.-14thOct. 1996

“Her canvasses have fluid grace and character that is reflected in her persona too. Her paintings are as intense as the poetry she writes”.
-Anshu Khanna                                                Savvy (India) 1992

“…for she does succeed to a remarkable extent in self-expression. Her thoughts, aspirations struggle and internal conflicts find faithful  reflection in her works”.
-V.V. Prasad                         MID-DAY (India) December 9, 1986

I first read Meena’s works here, at ‘Post Poems’. I was intrigued by the vivid imagery portrayed in her beautiful works, and found her to be an extremely multi- talented woman. I contacted her about doing the article.”(Bi-weekly Feature Poet - Meena Chopra at )                   - Rachelle Wiegand,  poet & a journalist, USA

“Your writing is emotive and full of romantic expression, very strong. Thank you for your openness.”
“White Canvas”     - Deborah Russell,  painter and a poet, USA                                    

“I love the vividness in this piece, a combination of Tangible Art and Poetic Art that blends quite  nicely”.
“Birth Of A Stupor”  - Rachelle Wiegand,  poet & a journalist, USA

“..perhaps dissolution, emptiness, loss of the walls of concepts, and there by the rebirth of oneness... why? why not?  your writing here both real and thought provoking”.                -“Eric Cockrell, USA                                                                                                                                                        
“you are quite a mystery to me. I've been hearing about the quality of your work. I have to say, excellent piece. have an interesting observation with life and the occurrence of events. you're able to draw meaning into the smallest things. A gift.”                                                                       “Memories In Space”  - Dead Poet (Richard Sinclair), USA
Masterful. Your grasp of subtly explosive imagery is beyond admiration.  I found myself holding my breath by the end.  Thank you for sharing it.     “Reverberation”                                       -  Stuart Staub, USA                                         
“You are a beautiful, talented poet and your words are captivating”. Unbound”                                             - Marianne Chrisos
“I have to tell you that I am of native American heritage and this is the way that we took care of our dead back in history.. I thought that you did well with this. It was awesome. Thank you for posting this” . Pyre                                - Renee' Quinn, USA                                                        
“I find your poetry very sensual, and very have a marvellous talent for touching both the heart, and that inner core of sexuality that brightens the day with thoughts of tender, yet passionate love!!!”                                                                     - HooK  USA

“Dear Meena--I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading Ignited Lines--your poetry is wonderful, and I keep your book with my Neruda, Borges, and Rilke collections.”                                                                                                                                          
                                                                      -                                                                   - Robert Darlington, USA

“Dear Ms. Meena Chopra, I viewed a few of your poems on Shadow and was very impressed. After reading poems such as “A Glimmer It Was”, I can honestly say that you are one of the best poets that I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. Your words are filled with emotion and depth. Thank you for Sharing your work.                                                           
-Nav Chandi, India               
Dear Meena, I enjoy your writing. I love meeting people from all over the world. Thanks for being a part of Post Poems. I can't wait to read more of your writing.                                -Teresa Jacobs, USA                                                                    
“Your work expresses a dynamic of power, emotions, and fear. Only a great mind and a multi layered individual could construe the creations that you have set forth. I know I don't know you but through your work, I feel that I do. Your work portrays something more than the picture. It conjures up raw emotion”              -Vique Mora, USA

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