Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Mystery Book

I am a faceless face
in a real time display
structured and showcased
in a trendy way

behind the cleverly constructed images.

The shadows
constantly knock  
my doors and windows
till they fall down
splitting in sharp
glassy pieces
till I bleed.
My doors and windows are admant
they remain closed.

I am  heedless and distant.

I tweet reality every day
but I am blind to
the silent charisma,
surrounding mysteries
of my hidden mystery book.
I am a viral socialite
standing on a virtual plane
a faceless face
on Facebook page. 

Post by Meena Chopra.

Monday, May 19, 2014


The thrills masquerade
Far away,
I shrink in a black hole,
The charismatic remote leisure,
the deserted truth.
A plunging darkness
bare as death,

and a dot
disperses a line
in a voluminous circle,
folding the fire
a living time.
Images annihilate.
The bodyless prevails.

What was it?
That whispered
in a chilled silence.

From my book 'Ignited Lines'
Post by Meena Chopra.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Exuberance (from Facebook)


Is she a vase
or a statue on a pedestal ?

She is no icon!

Her feet strong 
firm on ground.
The earth supports her.
The real in her 
longs to be 
revealed through layers
seeking identifications 
in a figureless 
formless existence.

In vain,
she searches - an iconoclast, 
beyond the turbidity of love.

Will she find one in you ?
Meena Chopra
(from collection of poems "IGNITED LINES)

Post by Meena Chopra.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Drawing by Meena
Lush jade jungles
Tracks un-trodden
Lead into the anonymity.
Silence drizzles dew
The grass is still wet
The sun sets on the back of the camel
Deserting daydreams.

The night unlocks
the mysteries

Friday, March 14, 2014


Digital Painting by Meena
Thoughts immersed verses.   
A rhythmic fantasy  
Pondering in the mortal failure;  
bursting shadows, 
a lifeless poise   
potent enough to unite 
the clinging povertyof a sterile substance. 
-Meena Chopra



Drawing by Meena Chopra
from the start
I longed to be with you. 
Submerged in a silent moment. 
But it was the void
that greeted me,
not you.
Emptiness all over.

Nothing satiated.
Nothing fulfilled.

Ignited Lines

Sensitive fingers
Drawing by Meena Chopra
touched the soft mud
igniting the lines
in my palm.
Sun's brittle brightness falls,
earth evaporates
in a thin layer,
glazing a clear sky.

Aghast I am !
My flesh tingles. 
A restlessness
empowers me
wanting the mud
once again
in a tight grip.

My fingers tremble
drinking the soothing vapours
emitted from the impressions
carved on my hands.

 -Meena Chopra

A Death, A Beginning

Have you ever searched?
Your lost self
unfolding those
ruthless cold nights
inside me - ?

Ever dreamt?
The blazing honesty of
my unyielding
vulnerable naked - self
in your arms,

Tangled in Time

Digital Painting by Meena
Past, Present,  Future 
Dusty Barricades, 
Symbols dissolve  
I plunge back 
float and delve.
I stick to the moist damp earth
fearing devastation.

Instant In Motion

Drawing by Meena
old and torn
change in
the flowing stress,
a garb,
hard cover,
hiding an instant
to be touched
to be in motion.

-Meena Chopra

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Stillness Moves

Distances fade,
Drawing by Meena
a feeling
as if I touched
the limitless remains.
Quivering fingers
grasp the floating clouds.
They merge in me
as I in you.

The hues of blue
in each other,

A Glimmer It Was...

A glimmer it was--
Drawing by Meena
was it you
or the sun ?

A chilly winter
blossomed in spring.
Whiffs of the flowers fled,
diffused in the sky.
The rainbow emerged,
half born,
half engulfed,
wonder-struck visions stopped
at the semi-circle.
Near was the horizon
distant was - I.
Closed eyes captured
unfolding emotions


Drawing by Meena
In the day's heat
I sought myself in you.
Strangers we were, still are
silhouettes in each other's eyes.
Remnants of a deflected time. 
Nonexistence is

I fear remaining an outline.
Your warmth lingers
fading into opacity.
I know 1 will burn
till the fire burns in me.

-Meena Chopra

What was It?

Graying evening.
Drawing by Meena
Shades of black fading. 
Starkness of night! 
Neutrality spread
All over our faces.

What was it?

You recognized
I did not?
Was my vision hazy?
Or I looked at the haze?
We are beginning
a new end.
-Meena Chopra