Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Stillness Moves

Distances fade,
Drawing by Meena
a feeling
as if I touched
the limitless remains.
Quivering fingers
grasp the floating clouds.
They merge in me
as I in you.

The hues of blue
in each other,

when the sky
beneath to above
getting wet
by the fresh rain. 
My feet soaked
embedded in sand
leave impressions
strong enough
wiping off
the tidal waves
that strike
the climax within. 
Sand slips away
under my feet.
A stillness moves
inside me.

Duality will remain
I know,
separating me from you,
yet a dream is instilled,
I pulsate
to be fecundated
by the distant you
-Meena Chopra
(Honourable Mention by Mississauga Library Systems)