Friday, March 14, 2014

Tangled in Time

Digital Painting by Meena
Past, Present,  Future 
Dusty Barricades, 
Symbols dissolve  
I plunge back 
float and delve.
I stick to the moist damp earth
fearing devastation.

Instant In Motion

Drawing by Meena
old and torn
change in
the flowing stress,
a garb,
hard cover,
hiding an instant
to be touched
to be in motion.

-Meena Chopra

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Stillness Moves

Distances fade,
Drawing by Meena
a feeling
as if I touched
the limitless remains.
Quivering fingers
grasp the floating clouds.
They merge in me
as I in you.

The hues of blue
in each other,

A Glimmer It Was...

A glimmer it was--
Drawing by Meena
was it you
or the sun ?

A chilly winter
blossomed in spring.
Whiffs of the flowers fled,
diffused in the sky.
The rainbow emerged,
half born,
half engulfed,
wonder-struck visions stopped
at the semi-circle.
Near was the horizon
distant was - I.
Closed eyes captured
unfolding emotions


Drawing by Meena
In the day's heat
I sought myself in you.
Strangers we were, still are
silhouettes in each other's eyes.
Remnants of a deflected time. 
Nonexistence is

I fear remaining an outline.
Your warmth lingers
fading into opacity.
I know 1 will burn
till the fire burns in me.

-Meena Chopra

What was It?

Graying evening.
Drawing by Meena
Shades of black fading. 
Starkness of night! 
Neutrality spread
All over our faces.

What was it?

You recognized
I did not?
Was my vision hazy?
Or I looked at the haze?
We are beginning
a new end.
-Meena Chopra